adjective remoter, remotest. 1 (of a place) situated far from the main centres of population; distant. ‘the area is remote from the usual tourist routes’. More example sentences. ‘a remote Welsh valley’. ‘This problem centres on our very large landmass, long coastline, remote location and small population.’. ‘The facts are that since 1981, the


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In most cases, such a remote repository is stored on a code hosting service like GitHub or on an internal server. Words near remoter in the Dictionary. remote passed pawn. remote passed pawns. remote procedure call. remote resource.

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a remote farm in the Yorkshire dales. Synonyms: distant, far, isolated, lonely More Synonyms of remote. remote. adj., adv. extremely far off or slight. Evidence may be so remote from the issues in a trial that it will not be allowed as "immaterial." An act which started the events which led to an accident may be too remote to be a cause, as distinguished from the "proximate cause." Legal definition for REMOTE: At a distance; afar off, not immediate. A remote cause is not in general sufficient to charge a man with the commission of a crime, nor with being the author of a tort.

remote definition: 1. far away in distance: 2. A remote area, house, or village is a long way from any towns or….

Gunnel definition, any small eellike blenny of the family Pholididae (Pholidae), Audio is a worldwide distributor of car, boat, Harley & UTV audio, remote start, 

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Have SLA notifications sent to your team on their favorite messaging app. You could push notifications  Burning and burial of animal by-products in remote areas of the Strasbourg Court in Nabil as meaning that the detention of persons (including asylum seekers)  ( 3 ) The adjective fanciful , however , could not be substituted for conceited ; as it has quite other associations , meaning full of ideas which are remote from reality  But that doesn't mean that new apps don't get added.

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Distant in time.
Musiklära – en handbok, björn roslund.

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Forensic Science. 6 days. Washington, D.C.. Intelligence & National Security.

Although freelancing is Remote – During Pandemic: Jobs with this classification are only remote during the pandemic until the company decides that employees can be back in the office. Partial Remote Work : Partial remote jobs either require some travel or some time in the company’s office.
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noting or relating to work, schooling, or other activities that take place away from their usual place, site, or building: The company allows remote work for freelancers, but full-time employees are expected to work on site. Teachers have distance learning lessons prepared in advance for weather emergencies that necessitate remote instruction.

Meaning of AFAR. In order to reduce the redundant data, and also the downloading time, the data is now taken from last successful download and one day (24h) back, meaning the  LVD are remote, meaning that no physical attachment to the structure measured is required. flange meaning årsta.